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Children and students in South India are struggling. Parents are often addicted, the existing cabinet system is still respected in practice and there is little to no support system that stands behind them. The Kikindia Foundation supports specifically these children and students in achieving their goals by providing them with the primary needs in life such as healthy food, good clothing and adequate shelter so they can excel in school. Upwards and onwards to a healthy future!

How can you help?

About Kikindia

The Kikindia Foundation aims to achieve that a large part of its supporting activities lead to, or greatly contribute to self-sustenance; therefore sustainability is of great importance. The children should ultimately go through a process of change which should allow them to influence and improve their personal situation;

Initially we will give a fish, but ultimately we will teach them to catch their own fish.

The following fundamentals have been set:


The following main goals have been set:

Water: Clean water, what we sometimes take for granted, is a rare commodity. In certain parts of southern India, the soil is so polluted that children die of numerous diseases. The Government prefers not to get involved and so Kikindia aims to help out. Through various water cleaning methods our children and students now have daily access to clean water.

Education: Schooling in India means a chance to better oneself, a chance to get into another social segment, irrespective of the caste you are born into. The Kikindia Foundation is happy to provide as much scholing, schoolbooks and other materials as possible to those who are in need.

Food: Healthy nourishment is missing in many third world countries. 3 meals a day is something unheard in the Indian country-side. Kikindia aims to provide 3 nourishing meals a day for the children and students so that they are well fed and can excel in school.

Shelter: Every child wants and should be born in a safe haven. A haven made up of a strong family-bond including a father, mother and brothers and sisters to learn from and to play with. However due to addictions, sexual abuse and illiteracy the reality of more than 60% of India’s children is very different. As a result the children and therefore India’s future is greatly affected. Kikindia provides shelter, guidance and support for the affected children and tries, through various projects, to create a different outlook so that future generations do not face the same hardship.

Clothing: Underwear, trousers/skirt, a t-shirt and some slippers. A simple start of the day, you might think. The truth is very different! 65% of ALL children in southern India do not or hardly have this. Kikindia provides clothing and aims to teach them the value and importance of this basic necessity. At least they can attend school in a decent manner.


The Foundation Kikindia, since July 2010, formally started fund raising and other means to support cooperating organisations in the rural country side of South India. The actual story, however, started 1.5 years before that, when Chairwoman Kiki Reijner set off to southern India for a 6 months internship. At her return, it proved difficult to forget her children, students and women so far away. With support from others, she put her shoulders to the wheel and on July 28, 2010 Kiki in India for the Child became official. The Foundation Kikindia is a fact!


Kiki Reijner My name is Kiki and I am the founder of Kikindia. In January 2009 I went to India for the 1st time and it literally changed my ″view″ on the world. Ever since then I have been fighting for the wellbeing of the women and children of the country-side of Tamil Nadu and I am trying, with the help of many others, to provide these people in their basic needs. I work with a passion for ″my kids″ and women and I can only hope that you will lend a helping hand.

Paul Govaart Nice to meet you, my name is Paul Govaart and I work for an Energy company in my professional life. But energy is not my only passion. Together with Kiki, Rick Fijnaut and many others we endeavour to improve the lives of the women and children of the lowest caste in southern India. My role in the Foundation is treasurer and ambassador to ensure a continuous cash-flow for this charity. So I not only create energy BUT I also give energy, with ALL my heart!

Rick Fijnaut My name is Rick Fijnaut. I am almost 50 years of age and married to Pauline. We have 2 adorable daughters, Noa and Lisa and a dog called Lotje. Through my interest in Asia and charities I came into contact with Kiki. Her enthusiasm and dedication for the foundation have convinced me to help her where I can. As a consequence I am a fundraiser and search for ways to help support the foundation. Should you, like me, have an interest in the project please allow yourself to be inspired by Kiki’s enthusiasm and support her in achieving to build a second floor on the children’s residence

Inge Reijner As Kiki′s mother I must say that I am extremely proud. I visited her in 2009 in India after she had been working six months, with all the ups and downs, in the south Indian country-side. I confess that it was very difficult to be confronted with such poverty. Also the culture was a big reality-check for me. I have been working as a registered nurse for Orbis ( local Dutch hospital) for more than 35 years, so I am used to seeing a lot of suffering; however it does not come close to the harsh reality in India. That is why I am a keen Ambassador for Kikindia. ″Spread the word!!″

Jopie Lenaerts ″Ambassador for children on the other side of the world″ sounded very appealing to me. My name is Jopie Lenaerts and for a long time I have been working as a mid-wife. When you bring healthy babies into this world on a weekly basis, decide what type of beds they sleep in, what food they need and how many hugs they ought to get, you sometimes wonder whether children on the other side of the world are getting the same. With this in mind I work together with Kiki to create awareness amongst the people. I ask myself: ″Do WE really need all that we currently have??.... I don′t think so....″

How can you help?


Become a donor and support the Kikindia Foundation via iDeal. You can support Kikindia for a longer period. With your support we can continue to help children and students in need. ALWAYS; UNCONDITIONAL and EVERYWHERE.

Adopt a child

For only €15,- per month you can support a child in need of education, food and shelter. He or she will stay in touch with you for at least 3 to 4 times a year to give you an update about how life on the other side of the world is. Aside from that you can also send 2 a year something sweet or nice towards India via the Kikindia Foundation. Interested?

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Adopt a student

For only €15,- per month you can support a student in need of education, food and shelter. He or she will stay in touch with you for at least 3 to 4 times a year to give you an update about how life on the other side of the world is. Aside from that you can also send twice a year something sweet or nice towards India via the Kikindia Foundation. Interested?

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Donate with tax benefits

Since our inception per July 28, 2010, we have obtained the so-called ANBI status (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling), to enable the tax deductibility possible.For Dutch citizens, an attractive proposition for periodical donations is now possible. All you need is a notary deed (which we have made easy to obtain as well), which makes the full amount of tax deductable from your personal income. By arranging a periodical donation for at least 5 consecutive years, the gross amount can be increased without affecting your net cash out. More information?

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Become an intern/volunteer

Would you like to contribute by literally giving us a hand? It is possible. We do have plenty of opportunities for those that want to actively contribute to our mission. Since Mid 2009, we have send interns (from different schools and different background) and volunteers to our Indian location. We have received interns from Social Academy, PABO, International Business and Languages, HEBO, Commercial Management and People and Business Management, respectively for 3,4, 5 or 6 months. Also volunteers who want to spend a few weeks or months for a good cause a very much welcome! Interested? You can contact the Kikindia Foundation through the

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Organise a third world day

Every person, small or adult, has a purpose in life. It seems obvious, but is not always recognized in our current society. Hence, it is very important to teach young kids from an early age that they, with their effort and contribution, can make a difference to create a better society, next door or far abroad. Jointly, with a number of primary and secondary schools, Kikindia has developed programs to create awareness that every contribution, however small and trivial in our eyes, counts. We have examples of organizing a ‘third world’ day, a market or concert, “adopting” a child out of our project, or setting up a Skype meeting between a school class in India and one in The Netherlands. And a lot more is possible.

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Second hand clothes

A pair of trousers or shoes which are too small or something else which your kids have outgrown? Donate these to our Foundation. Children between 0 -12 years at the other side of the world will gladly wear them. Contact Kiki Reijner via and she will make sure that your clothes will be distributed fairly amongst our kids in the project.

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For 250 euro′s

Per year a young student will receive her whole Master training.

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For 1000 euro′s

You will provide the project of transport (scooter, motor) that one can operate without relying on public transport.

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For 3000 euro′s

You can purchase a generator allowing all children, students and the elderly of the village be equipped with electricity even when there are power cuts (approx 10 hours a day).

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Kikindia in the picture

"impressions from kikindia and the project"


About kikindia kids

Daniel Vijay D.

Birthday: January 1, 2008
Daniel Vijay is a very shy, but very sweet and tender hearted boy. This is his first year at Rising Star and he is making friends in school and within his Rising Star family. Daniel Vijay is always one of the first kids to bed after finishing his story at reading time. He loves his sleep!

Musa K.

Birthday: September 27, 2007
Musa is new to Rising Star but his brother and sister have been here for years and we are excited to have him.  Musa is Basha and Mariyambee's youngest brother.  He is full of smiles and is loved by everyone he meets.  He is usually seen with Basha, who is very protective of his little brother.  He is teaching Musa to say "Hi" and how to introduce himself to volunteers, staff and other adults.  He is a happy addition to the Rising Star Family.

Vaishnavi K.

Birthday: July 1, 2008
Vaishnavi has a face that looks like it was carved by angels. Although she is still warming up to the volunteers she loves to watch everyone play. Vaishnavi can always be found sitting on the lap of an older girl carefully observing everything going on. Every kid (boys and girls alike) loves Vaishnavi and are always pinching her cheeks and caring for her.

Velankanni R.

Birthday: November 16, 2007
Velankanni, or Angel as she’s known around here, is breathtakingly hilarious. Every girl in the school has said the same thing about Angel, "this girl so comedy". Her sassy, yet kind personality makes her a favorite among the kids and volunteers.

Keerthana K

Birthday: May 27, 2008
Keerthana is the little sister of 2nd standard Kishore and the family resemblance is uncanny. She has the same inherited quietness of Kishore and has an older soul but is only in UKG. Keerthana is our "little teddy bear" and would never hurt a fly and can often be found sitting quietly in volunteers laps during playtime, almost always braiding their hair. She has one of the brightest smiles you have ever seen and is a treat to see it.

Krishna T.

Birthday: November 28, 2007
Krishna is exuberant and always smiling. He whizzes around, always looking for something to do. Krishna is always helpful and has often been seen helping boys finish their chores. Krishna means "One who attracts all" and true to his name he can always be found in a big group of boys laughing and joking.

Vignesh V.

Birthday: January 3, 2008
Vignesh is a sight to behold. His tiny body makes you instantly want to hold him and cuddle him but as he speaks, his deep voice and macho personality surprise you. Vignesh's crazy maniacal laugh coming from this pint sized kid makes his whole body shake, causing you to laugh along with him. There is no slow or in-between speed for Vignesh, he's either going full throttle or sleeping.

Issiac R.

Birthday: December 15, 2007
Issiac is our new UKG Waldo, standing next to you one minute and gone the next. He is quick, athletic and always on the go, nothing slows him down. He is quiet but not shy, he likes to be right in the center of things and his giggle can be heard a mile away. You can be sure that if someone is hanging off your back, it will be Issiac.

Dhanalakshmi K.

Birthday: August 15, 2007
Dhanalakshmi is starting in UKG this year at Rising Star and has one of the brightest smiles. Although she doesnt know much english yet she will tell you all about her day in Tamil. Dhanalakshmi loves the swings and will yell "height" over and over to tell you she wants to go higher. She is sassy with a heart of gold.

Jegadeesh S.

Birthday: January 10, 2008
This year Jegadeesh started UKG at Rising Star with his older brother Mohanapriyan. With a chunky face and a sweet disposition he is never left unattended. Jegadeesh is slow to come out of his shell but when he’s out he is quick to join games.

Gunaseelan A.

Birthday: September 3, 2007
Gunaseelan is our little imp, full of mystery and curiosity. He may be shy but you can always find him tailing the volunteers waiting to be seen and held. His angelic face makes you want to hold him forever and he is constantly getting kissed and hugged by even our most "macho" teenage boys. With his crooked smile and sweet voice he instantly steals your heart.

Praveenkumar S.

Birthday: September 21, 2007
Praveen is are tallest UKG kid this year and the only saying he knows so far is "Auntie please push me" when he is on the swings. His cute high pitched scream echoes through the whole playground and attracts every volunteer within ears length. Praveen is a fantastic creator and is always building intricate sand castles and stick buildings.

Surya R.

Birthday: February 12, 2007
Surya is one of those kids who always keeps you moving. When he learns your name, he doesn’t forget it and loves to yell it from wherever he might be. His hilarious and daring personality keeps you laughing while sometimes fearing for his safety. Surya loves to do the unimaginable, whether it be standing on the swing or hanging from the slide he is always trying to impress. His love for life leaves nothing to be desired and enjoys hanging out with his older brother, Karthik Raja, goofing off and running around.






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